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Graphic Design Christmas Tree Decorations

We’re really starting to get into the festive mood now, so we wanted to share these amazing graphic design Christmas tree decorations that we spied on Zazzle. These are really beautiful and will make your tree look truly unique and like it’s been created by a world class designer. Better still, why not have a go at making your own!?

– Written by Jenna Caruana, JLC Writing Services

Fancy something completely different in place of a real Christmas tree? Then check out this awesome tree from the Design Museum. The museum commissioned Giles Miller, a former Designer in Residence, to design a 6m cardboard tree to go on display in the entrance. Astonishingly, the funky Christmas tree was created using 3,600 handmade cardboard pieces and has awesome woodland animal designs on it. And if you like it, you can buy your very own small cardboard tree from the Design Museum shop designed by Miller himself (see bottom image).

The intricate detail on Giles Miller’s cardboard Christmas tree

Buy your own small Giles Miller cardboard Christmas tree (click image)


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